The Goods

Menu Items

Barb's Lemon Loaf $25, serves 8-10

A Jan's favourite, dense & moreish lemony crumb with a zesty sweet glaze


Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies $25, dozen

Soft oat cookies, loads of chocolate chips.. that's all you need to know


Choc Chunk Cookies $25, dozen

Make no mistake, this is a luxe chocolate chip cookie. Have a drink handy.


Sheet Cake (Chocolate; Vanilla; Carrot) $30, serves 16 (larger sheets available upon request)

Enjoy at room temp, or serve frozen Deep'n Delicious style


Coffee Cake $30, serves 10-12

Fluffy vanilla crumb swirled with cinnamon streusel, and topped with MORE streusel as well as a delicious maple glaze. 


All items are vegan and nut free. 

Coming Soon: Sunday pick-up at Jan's!